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This website is devoted to the great American artist Norman Rockwell and his painting titled Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas. Originally sold by The Norman Rockwell Gallery, as Rockwell's Main Street, this collection includes a reproduction of the iconic painting and 18 handcrafted miniature sculptures of buildings in Rockwell's beloved town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The miniature buildings were hand-cast and hand painted at the Rhodes Studios as part of the Rockwell Hometown Collection. As the centerpiece of the collection, the painting is a 30" X 10" print on canvas of the famous painting, framed in stained oak. Its subject is the nostalgic depiction of small town America in the early to mid-20th century.

Also included are several other miniature pieces from the Hawthorne Architectural Register, which are depictions of earlier Rockwell paintings from his years in Arlington, Vermont. The collection has a hand drawn map of Stockbridge which we have attempted to stay true to, except with respect to the placement of the earlier works which are on the outskirts of the town. The only exception is the "last and best studio yet" as Rockwell called his Stockbridge studio. Evidently the Rhodes Gallery never made a miniature of the that studio, so we use the Arlington studio and place it behind the Rockwell residence, where it was during his lifetime.


Norman Rockwell

Enid Robbins

Enid Robbins


These items have been in our family for four generations. Started by my mother, Enid Robbins and carried on by her children, grand-children and now her great-grandchildren. We have displayed the collection at schools and libraries. It always receives positive comments and many find the little buildings enchanting. For some folks it serves as an introduction to the art of Norman Rockwell.

Our vision is a small but enduring legacy to our mother, Nana Enid. She began this collection by purchasing the canvas print of the painting and enjoyed it so much that she later started collecting the miniature buildings. The painting itself always reminded her of her childhood in Coleman, Michigan. The painting hung above her bookcase, with the 7 Main Street miniatures directly below it, for many years.

All the items have individual certifications and are authorized by the Norman Rockwell Family Trust. When completely set up, the display includes the canvas reproduction of the painting, the seven main buildings depicted in the painting, 10 other Stockbridge buildings as they would be in real life, a drawn map of Stockbridge as it was in the 1960’s, a description of the painting's relationship to the Township of Stockbridge at Christmas, and a short biography of Norman Rockwell.

Our mother, Nana Enid always enjoyed the reaction and fascination people have when viewing the collection. So do we. We would love to display this fun collection in your school or library.

Main Street

Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas painting

Our canvas reproduction of Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, by Norman Rockwell

Perhaps one of the most well known of Rockwell's images, Home For Christmas is one of the least characteristic of his work. Rockwell painted Main Street, Stockbridge, in 1967 to epitomize the essence of Christmas in small towns across the country. Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas was finished in 1967. It is an oil on canvas, measuring 26½" x 95½". Story illustration for "Home for Christmas" McCall's, December 1967. From the permanent collection of Norman Rockwell Museum.

To see all the digital resources for this painting go to:

The Display

Caitlin and Maddy setting up the display at the Clifton M. Brakensiek Library of Bellflower

The latest generations! Enid Robbins' great-granddaughter Caitlin and grand-daughter Maddy setting up the display at the Clifton M. Brakensiek Library in Bellflower.

A larger setup at the Clifton M. Brakensiek Library of Bellflower

The collection at the Clifton M. Brakensiek Library of Bellflower. We try to remain as faithful as possible to the Stockbridge street map.

A smaller display setup

A minimal version of the display, showing only the Main Street items. This is used for smaller display spaces, such as a school.


Various documents are included with the display that enhance the collection with some history and background. Every painting has a painter and a subject. Click on the image to see the full size document.

The Painting

Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas painting.

The Artist

Rockwell self portrait.

The Subject

Stockbridge Main Street map.



We welcome your comments on our Norman Rockwell's Stockbridge exhibit. If you would like to have the collection at your school or library, it requires a locking, glass display case, in order for us to leave it at your location. The individual pieces are not to be handled. The best size display case is 6' X 4' X 10" and should be all glass except for the bottom. See an example here.

This display is winsome and works at anytime of year, but it is an especially wonderful addition at Christmas to your December holiday decorations. We would love to set it up for you!

On behalf of Nana Enid, thank you!


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